What is it HSM?

HSM is cloud based Clinic Management System with user-friendly interface!

HSM provides the perfect solution for management of medical clinics, with a wide range of unique developments that suit different fields of interest.

Manages Electronic Medical Records

HSM manages your virtual medical files which contain a wide range of information about your patient. This file includes: demographic information, personal information, personal and familial medical history, allergies, diagnosis, medications, visit follow-up, tests and prescriptions.


HSM manages your electronic medical record containing demographic information, personal information, personal and familial medical history, allergies and more.

Clinic Visits

HSM allows full follow-up after each patient's visit at the clinic and print-out of "visit summary" which includes a summary report of the visit.


HSM makes use of the international database of diagnosis ICD-10 for proper diagnosis of the patient.


HSM contains a database of international medications for proper medication and treatment of the patient.

Medical tests

HSM manages your patients medical tests.

Referrals and Prescriptions

HSM manages your patients referrals and prescriptions.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

HSM makes your clinic available to you from anywhere at any time.

Cloud based software for Clinic Management

There is no need for installation or maintenance on the clients-and web-site.

Access from anywhere

HSM is accessible to you anytime and anywhere, whether you are: in the clinic, at the home of a patient, or your home.

Access from any platform

HSM is accessible through a user name and password from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet.


HSM saves you the worry of backup and software updates, the service and maintenance are centralized so your information is safe and secured through modern efficient methods.

Automatic Backups

HSM saves you the worry of having to constantly backup information. Your information is automatically backed up through effective modern methods.

Centralized maintenance and service

There is no need for installation of updates in the client's site.

Software Updates

HSM provides centralized updates for free without having to physically travel to the clients clinic.


HSM sees information security as a top priority and therefore invests many resources in order to protect confidentiality of medical information.

Authentication and Permissions

HSM is built on the values of user privacy and confidentiality of medical information, therefore it contains authentication methods and permissions in order to restrict access to people who are not allowed.

End to end communication encryption

HSM secures communications between it and its users through encryption security mechanisms and among the most advanced in the world, which constitute data encryption standards issues in the Internet world. Preventive secure contact information conveyed to unveil unauthorized factors.

Servers Security

HSM servers protected by a firewall (Firewall) and stored in a server farm protected by physical security.

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